In less than two weeks, rapper Gray’s second album, G.O.D. is going to be released with a concert at the Zen Gardens. G.O.D is coming just a year after his debut album, ENYAA was released.

Speaking about G.O.D. – which is an acronym for Ghetto Odd Dangerous – the rapper said that each of the three words in the album title is representative of a certain kind of music on the album – a conception that was arrived at due to fans’ comments after listening to the hardcore GREY on the first album.

The differences with G.O.D. is not limited to sound, though. Grey has hinted that he’s rapping on this album in languages he normally doesn’t rap in; and that G.O.D is most likely going to somewhat surprise day-one Grey listeners who are used to him doing only a certain type and style of music.

The core of his artistry remains, however: telling real life stories that are relatable to people.

Of the launch concert he says that it’s going to be “mind-blowing” and a testament to the fact that “hipline is not dead.”

The event will be held at the Zen Gardens inside Labone on Friday, the 14th of July. Show starts at 5p.m