We’re less than a fortnight away from one of Africa’s most vibrant art festivals – the Chalewote Street Art Festival. This year’s is the sixth edition of Chalewote, and we’re beyond excited as yoyo tinz to be participating in yet another edition of an undoubtedly monumental event.

This years’ festival will happen over a period of six days – from August 15 – 21, 2016, with the last two days taking place on the streets of James Town. We’re going to be stationed inside the Old Kingsway Building on Saturday and Sunday, the 20th and the 21st of August.

The theme for this years’ festival is Spirit Robot, and here’s how we interpret it:

yoyo tinz robosapiens .jpg

“we assume that we are robotic human beings, programmed by default to be embodiments of the five (main) elements of HipHop. Our robotic side thus allows us to act within the space of HipHop; but as humans, our spiritual instinct pushes us to do the extraordinary with – and beyond – HipHop.”

Simply put, we have the abilities as human beings to dare to dream of, and create our own realities beyond the dictates and norms of our seemingly default, current existences; to dream of, create, and live out realities favourable to us: our dreams, passions, ideals and, above all, our existence.

If we can say so ourselves, our project at last year’s event, The Shrine, was beyond successful in all of it’s crowd-pulling dopeness – a very valid reason, we believe, for you to join us this year as we bring you ‘yoyo tinz Robosapiens;’ which promises to be fun, stimulating sessions of creative and imaginative HipHop otherworldliness.

It should go without saying that patrons are going to be treated to exhibitions and experiences of the five (main) elements of HipHop – graffiti, rap, dance, beatboxing ,Djing – and more.

Here’s a link to the official press release by producers of the festival, Accra [Dot] Alt: CHALE WOTE 2016: OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE