Attention Rap artistes and fans of Rap Music.

Rap Artistes,

Would you want to grab the microphone on a Thursday night and dazzle an audience with your rap skills?

Have you always yearned for the chance to perform -for sheygey reason/ for the love of hip hop.

And have you waited long enough for the opportunity to grace a stage, show what you got, and in the process improve on different aspect of your craft?

Or you’re just looking for a space where you can meet and connect with other rap artistes and people?

Fans of Rap Music,

Would you want to chill in a bar every Thursday night and enjoy rap music from different rap artistes every week?

All For Free?

Then, with “What Can You Do With The Microphone,” Hiphop Global has got you sorted.
“What Can You Do With The Microphone” happens this and every Thursday at 7pm, at the Jah links Pub inside Kingsby.

Connect with Hip Hop Global on Facebook and Twitter, and see flyers for more details.