You know it’s happening for real, for real when dates are released. Now what’s happening? The very first yoyo tinz festival. And we’re beyond excited to be releasing not only dates, but the official festival poster, which, if we can say so ourselves, is quite rad.

Yes, that bejewelled yoyo goat looks uber-cool on that vibrant yellow background, but guess what’s more to the character?

We found out that among other enviable attributes, goats symbolise determination, stubbornness, and vitality. Which should explain why we’re making a goat the poster character of a major hip hop event, right?

There’s another reason: Hands up if your favourite rapper – or your bae’s fave – has never claimed to be the G.O.A.T, the Greatest Of All Times! (Are they, though? You might want to hear about that on Lyrical Wanzam’s GOAT.) Regardless, this GOAT business is a hip hop thing.

There’s a third reference point, which we feel should go without pointing out – especially for the Ghana folks; considering how popular the goat – as a symbol and as a living thing – has beCome in the recent years of Ghanaian politics. Go figure.

Five mics to Bright Ackwerh, Eli Quist and Adis Ababa Ackwerh for the poster design. Now, let’s begin counting down to Monday 19th November! YES !!!!!