If we can say so ourselves, we had quite an amazing year in 2015. With that in our minds we stepped into 2016 with the ultimate aim of topping whatever succeses it were that we chalked in 2015. In attempts of achieving this objective we introduced new initiatives-gintar tinz, yoyotinz palabre…- and strived to improve our overall performance on all fromts.

Of course, there have been challenges: some of them shared, some of them private, and as a result we’ve had issues with consistency among other things.

We hope -and we will work- to rectify all of these challenges to the best of our abilities.

As the year inches closer to an end, we would want to ran by you the activities we’ve been engaged in this year, and most importantly top say a heartfelt “thank you” to all who have supported us in any way: we are, because you are. If you no dey, we no dey.

Here’s to a much better, more vibely, more vim-filled twoo thoozin and sixteen for us all.
Let the recap begin!
yoyo tinz.