As part of the Destination Africa #GhanaXchange project, Twin B of BBC 1Xtra put together a team of artistes with Ghanaian heritage to compose and record a song.

This was made up of grime artist Stormzy,producer Jay Vades (both of whom are resident in the UK,) and the eccentric Jojo Abot (resident in the USA). The team,together with Twin B who is also of Ghanaian heritage, flew down to Accra to make the song happen.

Fortunately, they documented the creation process alongside some of the moments they had in the city of Accra.

The end product of the collaboration titled Mievado (Ewe for “We’ve Arrived”,) is mainly about the Dumsor menace: Stormzy drops two verses and Jojo Abot calls out politicians and chastises them for their “promise and fail” tradition.

Really great to have Ghanaian artistes -far and near- voicing out their discontentment with the country’s current situation.

By : Moshood Balogun