This life – and living it – is not an easy thing to pull off. At all. From harsh economic conditions to dream-killers all through to ECG, sorry, PDS, and every force in-between, this life thing can mostly be an extremely overwhelming exercise. We have therefore compiled a list of five songs in hopes of providing some fortitude against energy-draining forces, and to send out much needed vim and positive vibrations for the next quarter and beyond.

Cheers – Daney King Eli

This song, the first one from Daney King ELi’s “LONG WAY TO PEKI” series,

simply says: yes, life may be frustrating right now, but don’t wallow in distress. Catch some fun while you wait for a better day that will come. To paraphrase Daney King Eli: Do not let the fun train pass you by. This would be apt for your ‘I can’t coman kill myself’ playlist. Cheers, chale.

Banker 2 Banker – Akan

Akan’s Banker to Banker begins with a praying man who invokes the Bible verse that enjoins believers to “knock and it shall be open”, and ends with said man winning “500 million” in the lotto. These, coupled with Akan’s verses in-between could as well be interpreted as: put in the effort/work, do what you have to do, and when the gods of luck come through for you, when your two sure numbers hit, you shall be smiling to the bank. Or to the mobile money operator at the junction. Good luck.

Nea Ahia – Ankwa

Although Ankwanda is explicitly asking whoever’s listening to find a little (read: lots of money) to fill their pockets, this song could also be read as a song that preaches mindful prioritization. For many, the priority seems to be the moolah, for some it may be peace of mind. Which is your priority, the latter or the former? Both? Neither? Or something else? Whatever it may be, like Ankwanda says on the song: 

what you wan do with your life only you wey sabi

do what go make you happy.

Last Year – Abena Rockstar

Last Year is a celebratory song, a ‘Halleluyah’ exclamation for circumstances changed for the better. Abena tells a personal tale on this song from her Harvest Season album, and we’re relaying this with the hope that her story of tenacity in the face of adversities motivates you to keep going till you get your own “keys, keys, keys, keys” – whatever form that takes for you.

Undastand – Yung Papi ft. Worlasi

This song would very much like to speak for itself. Here, from the text that accompanied the songs release: “Undastand seeks to tell the masses not to give up on hope….This song teaches that, no matter the weight of your problems, victory will come your way and the people around you will not Undastand.” 

Moral of the story? Never give up, your Our Day go come oneday oneday.