These FOKN Bois are so African: they understand that ‘i scratch your back, you scratch mine’ language of reciprocity so well, and that ‘i am because you are’ lifestyle their ancestors lead, they seem to be emulating so perfectly.

A few years ago, during the great depression recession in America- when Americans were “starving on the streets,” the duo, in the spirit of reciprocity, launched a campaign that called on various countries that are not a part of the first world, to “Help America”.

The FOKN Bois were able to get some food -including gari from Ghana- and other necessities for the then desolate Americans.

The Fokn Bois are back again at their humanitarian ways; this time with a campaign named RescEU (an abbreviation of Rescuing Every Suffering Country in the EU,) to save Europe from it’s current crisis.

This new  initiative is to rescue Europe is calling on Africans to “Go To Europe” en masse, and “Save The People:” teach them to more humane, communal.

To find out how to join the FOKN Bois in spreading Ubuntu vibes all over Europe, visit this website for every information you may need on RescEU.

“Go To Europe: Save the People.”

By: Moshood Balogun