Jayso: Say You Love Me feat. Haidara

Dir: Roger Russell

Jayso, founder and CEO of Skillions Records, is back again after smash hit (in my opinion) Making Tasha Proud – making his way back to my neck of the woods; United Kingdom (North West London to be specific). Jayso collaborates with Haidara, singer and sister of Estelle – one of the UK’s most successful international hip-hop artists, to bring us ‘Say you Love Me’.

The video captures two young people as their paths continue to cross on the London Underground, who it would seem are destined to be together. The opening sequence of the video follows a young man on a rare sunny London morning, going about his usual routine when he spots a beautiful young lady on the opposite end of the platform at Alperton station.

Moved by love (ahem lust), he races down the stairs to catch up with her, but alas; the course of true love never did run smooth, he misses her by a hair as she boards her train. He then embarks on a bit of a stalking campaign, which does not yield results. Just when he seems to give up, serendipitously, she steps on his train (in the funkiest of shirts), their eyes meet across the carriage. He smiles, saunters over coolly, the ‘cherps’ then begins and he gets her number on his iPhone 5s. Score!

For a girl who was raised by romantic comedies, this is exactly my thing – but this is also what I have come to love about Jayso’s music videos; he tells real stories that evoke emotions in the viewers. Although his male fans may see this as a little corny, I believe every viewer can recognize that situation, whether being on the giving or receiving end of the ‘stalk and cherps’. This gets four stars from me! Enjoy

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

Twitter: @hephzisblessed

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