King Klu: I Been Knowing
Dir: The Archery

Since being put onto this song, I’ve had it on repeat – the heavily auto tuned hook reminds me of something off of a Kanye/Drake album. This song is the second track on his ‘With All Reason’ album, a much anticipated album after the almost impossible goal of dropping 12 mix-tapes in four years.

The video directed by The Archery, the same director behind his ‘This Way’ and ‘A.N.S.M’ videos; starts with the words ‘IN TODAY & EVERYDAY NEWS’ on a black background, the camera then tilts up bringing Klu and his set into focus. Klu stands in the foreground of what looks like a corner of a room/studio covered in pages of newspaper; bringing meaning to the words in the opening shot. This is one of two sets used in the video – the other sees him performing in front of an unplastered wall.

This is more of a performance piece which we have become used to seeing from Klu – the concept of the video seems to cement the rapper, singer and producer as one of the most talked about artistes on the GH hip hop scene. This point is further highlighted when we see we see his manager; Kwabena Asante on the phone (3:07 – 3:25) explaining that Klu will only write a hook for 2K (not sure what currency though).

Klu is also apparently a bit of a ladies man, his whats app messages are blowing up like crazy (3 messages) through out this video – I would like to see what his dm’s are looking like… It’s also good to see that Klu is bringing the bandana back – an underrated accessory.

On a serious note, I really hope that Klu continues to grab our attention and make headlines with the quality of music he puts out, it is clear that he’s a very talented musician and the things he has achieved independently under his Kings Capital Music Group label is exemplary. One thing I will say though is, as he continues to grow, I would like to see more of a story telling narrative from his music videos like we have seen with TINA. However, we here at yoyo tinz salute you King Klu!


Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie
Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed