Kula: Amen

Dir: Prince Dovlo

Amen is the first single off hip hop artist’s Kula’s mixtape Experiment X, which came out late last year. For this video, he’s teamed  up with Prince Dovlo, thus throwing his hat in the ‘take me serious’ ring.

I must admit I didn’t know much about him until the video was suggested by the team, so of course I did my research. Kula has a really tight flow, able to spit on almost any beat with mostly positive and satirical lyrics – his faith is clearly very important to him, as you will hear weaved through his music, especially in Hallelujah, not so much in Bitch Nigga…

The song, Amen, is a prayer, thanking God for the talent he has been blessed with admitting he won’t be where he is without God. In true Dovlo style, no scene lasts longer than four seconds; the video is littered with fast cuts, zooms and tracking shots, which does little in the way of painting a full picture of what the artiste is trying to get across. The only thing that pacifies my curiosity is knowing that this is just the visuals for first single, more is to come.

Dovlo uses eveyday imagery as a backdrop for Kula’s performance scenes which gives the viewers a sense of familiarity and makes Kula relatable – I especially liked the taxi scenes.

Maybe it’s just the writer in me but I was left wanting more from this video, but I’m also aware that this might be a tactic to keep us on the lookout for what Kula does next. What ever this may be, I got my eyes on you Kula!

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed

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