Loonee TKR – Shame (Oh No)

Dir: Selorm Jay for Fulish Art

Before this review the only other time I had heard of Loonee was in his gintar tinz session, and all I thought was ‘hmm he’s cute’. Put the incredibly sensual lyrics and Drake-like singing voice aside, there’s a flow and humour there that reminds me of Fabolous.
Shame (Oh No) is a follow up from the Pre-Eminent (Intro) video, the third video off the Pre-Eminent Mix-tape. This video is directed by Selorm Jay from Fullish Art  and yoyo tinz – now I might be a little biased but I like this video. Nothing turns me off more than when Ghanaian artists try to imitate American music videos and don’t even pull it off! Unnecessarily expensive bottles of champagne/grey goose, scantily clad light skinned models, borrowed luxury cars and unsponsored labels – but Looney kept it real and I love it.
Shot in one location in James Town, this minimalist video still manages to catch your attention – just an artist with his words and the camera, which actually forces the audience to actively listen to the lyrics. Loonee paints a bleak but hopeful picture of the industry, confident in his talent he explains that ‘it’s a shame but we still in the game’. Lyrically I prefer the intro but this record is still dope, and the abrupt way the song/video ends, tells me there’s more to come.
Cryme Records has a rough gem in Loonee, and I really hope they continue to invest in his talent.