M.anifest: Mind Games
Dir: Garth Von Glehn

One thing M.anifest does and does well is telling engaging stories,not just with his words but with his visuals too. No surprise then that he teamed up with Garth Von Glehn who had also directed his music video for ‘No Shortcut to Heaven’ featuring Ghanaian hip hop legend Obrafour.

Von Glehn is a New York based Director & Director of Photography for FILM FAM and also a part time lecturer with a number of awards and nominations to his name including a Best Short Film nomination for Shebeen Queen at the Durban International Film Festival. Thus, he brings a cinematic feel to this video.

Shot in Brooklyn NY, M.anifest plays a filmmaker with a keen interest in exploring the emotional complexities of love and art. The story takes a non linear look at the typical up and downs of relationships as Von Glehn weaves through cuts of the loved up couple taking a walk down the brownstones of Brooklyn to a frustrated couple in the throes of an argument.

At one point we see the female lead (Model Aubé Linda) put on a beautiful performance of a heartbroken woman sobbing on the stairs of their stylish vintage home after a particularly intense fight. Linda holds her own throughout the video beside M.anifest.

My favourite and most aesthetically pleasing scene plays from the 4:00sec to the 4:10sec mark; where Glehn incorporates a high-angle shot of the couple in the midst of a physical fight (Linda
repeatedly shoves M.anifest), stylistically shot with slow and fast motion effects – this is a visual effect that further connotes the unstable nature of romantic relationships as the lyrics of ‘Mind Games’ depicts.

I am very impressed by this video; M.anifest will hopefully continue to create thought provoking and challenging pieces of art that will transcend generations and speak to his audiences.


Review by guest writer Hephzie
Twitter: HephzIsBlessed
Blog: hephziek