Black Girls Glow. There’s something to be said for names given to entities; and these name’s impact on their respective subjects.

About an hour after the scheduled starting time, around 7pm, the multi-skilled Keyzuz kicked things off inside the modest and intimate space of the Lokko Warehouse. Lasting for a little over half an hour, her set was a selection of thumping beats and sounds that had heads bopping, hands gesturing and other body parts busting various dance moves. Keyzuz’s performance would rightly charge things up for the evening.

At a quarter to eight thereabouts, a resounding applause followed the announcement that the band of six – who the crowd had come to hear and see, no doubt – were just about hitting the stage; and in sautered the six young women, grandly dressed in largely black attire (because black girls!) with the fitting exception of Adomaa, who was looking rather spectacular in a sparkly gold mini dress (because GLOW!)


They went right into it – after a brief intro by Fu – performing one of the favourites off the Mother of Heirs album, that “ode to the vagina,” Power to Power. The glowing black girls went on to perform almost all the songs on the album, interspersing those splendid renditions with performances of their solo songs/pieces, improvisations and the like; all of which kept the crowd engaged and visibly elated.

As if to keep in sync with all the glittering going on on her body, Adomaa was much alive and vibrant up on that stage, all night. Fu was quite the showgirl; interacting with, and firing the crowd up, every now and again. One thing was clear: showgoers loved Fu. Just as much as they loved that unreleased jam by her and the Top Cat, Ria Boss.


The house sang along as Adomaa performed Traffic Jam – off her Afraba Ep; and Dzyadzorm delivered a flaming spoken word piece making an impassioned case for the justness of women’s anger. Cina Soul did a lovely rendering of her song, Julor – with a very vibely Fu verse replacing the original one by M.anifest. And perhaps surprisingly, Poetra impressed with some off-the-top bars, freestyling with the graffiti art, the lights, the crowd…

The live performances, accentuated by the healthy sound system, was brilliant; and the stagecraft too was commendable; and at the end of the show, it was evident from the ambience of the venue and the general countenance of the crowd, that people had had a good time.

Last night was amazing; or, to use more hip lingo, lit.