From Thursday 25th June to Sunday 5th July 2015, thanks to KLM Ghana and donors, we had the chance to go the 10th edition of the Paris hip hop festival in Paris, France.

Our aim was to experience a hip hop festival and see how the culture has been developed in the French capital. We wanted to exchange with the organisers on what has been keeping the festival going for that long and what the challenges are.

The Paris Hip hop festival ou “quinzaine du hip hop” (the hip hop fortnight) is not only held in Paris but also in the neighbouring cities. This edition included exhibitions, concerts, conferences, beatmaking contest, graffiti, dance contest, film screenings, etc.

We were not able to take part in events outside Paris because of distance and budget restrictions, so we only took part in free events or events we got invitations to. In total, we had the chance to witness 4 conferences, 3 concerts, 2 exhibitions and a graffiti festival. This week we will take you through each section with more  details and pictures.