Anyone who listens thoroughly and attentively to the deput EP-“by Poetra Asantewa- Motherfuckitude; the naked ones– cannot help but realise (or be reminded) that she is truly a remarkable artiste.

Poetra is endowed with a critical,questioning mind, observant eyes and a great sensitivity; all of which are reflected on the tape- which contains material that provokes, reveals, frees, unsettles and ultimately, tells it like it is as she sees it- as far as her society and her generation is concerned.

It is worth mentioning how Poetra shares her gospel without being condescending or self-righteous about it. Also worthy of mention is how she -quite surprisingly- sings so effortlessly on the tape.

If there were any doubts before, this EP makes it very clear that Poetra Asantewa is not in the habit of biting her tongue. It also makes it pretty obvious that she does not give a fuck about conventions, and neither did she come here to make anybody comfortable.

This is the kind of work with the potential to send a listener on a journey of reflection or soul searching.

So, when the character on track 4 says that “poetry ain’t shit” and goes on to sing that “[it] can’t save the world,” ignore them for, perhaps, they’re just being sarcastic, or are unaware of the fact that the content of “Motherfuckitude; the naked ones” is poetry and that it can, dare i say, change the world.

Poetra has a show on Friday at Rina’s Restaurant (inside Osu Oxford Street Mall.) Visit the event page here for more information.

You can follow her on twitter here.

By: Moshood Balogun.