RedRed: Ghetto feat. Sarkodie

Dir: Bubi Cooke for infoboxdaily

‘RedRed’ is a popular Ghanaian dish made with black eyed beans/peas, served with ripe plantain sometimes accompanied with gari (dried cassava shavings). It earns its name from the palm oil that tints the beans and the colour of the fried ripe plantain.

RedRed is a joint collaboration from the geniuses that brought us nostalgic No. 1 Mango Street (2010) and futuristic The Fokn Duna Quest in Budapest (2011). M3nsa is a pioneering Ghanaian producer/songwriter and performer known for both his solo projects and trailblazing work as part of hip hop duo Fokn Bois. ELO is a seasoned DJ/music producer from Budapest known for his work with Irie Maffia and Sena Dagadu. Both come together to make RedRed, and their first single from the album is ‘Ghetto’ featuring Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.

The video begins with an aerial shot of the shanty towns/ghettos in Accra, followed by a variety of close up, medium and tracking shots of children playing and dancing in the streets of their

The only artiste with a performance sequence in the video is Sark, he sits on the wall of a balcony above the crowd dance scene. This sequence conveniently cuts from him to the dancers below – with brilliant continuity that sees the school boy from the beginning of the video run into frame on the balcony, then making his way down the stairs to join in the dancing.

The main dance scenes weave throughout the music video, ‘scoring’ the feel good electronic dance anthem.

Never one to shy away from highlighting social and political issues, there’s a dumsor reference that features the other half of Fokn Bois and Mr. Odum himself –Wanlov– with actress & model Maame Adjei. The video also features cameos from Ghana’s resident hipster duo, Joey B & Pappy Kojo.

I always expect great things from M3nsa and this video does not disappoint! I remain an
impressed fan. If like me, you need some motivation, I’ll leave you with these inspiring words from the song “Make your vim no break baby, one day e go be!”

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie
Twitter: @HephzIsBlessed