Spoken word artist, Kacey Moore has released visuals for hisextremely timely piece; ‘Electricity in my City.’ The video is very aptly shotin a room which has only a candle as a light source; thanks to dumsor. Kacey Moore sits by the candlelight, sweating as he scripts the lines to this piece.

I wrote this poem in the dark

‘Electricity in my city’ essentially cries out against the power crisis that has plagued the country for a while now, and only getting more intense by the minute. With ‘Electricity in my City,’ Kacey Moore joins the likes of Spyt Syck, Wanlov, ELM.anifest and others, as Ghanaian rappers who have used (and are using) their art and/or platforms to address the power crisis prevalent in the country.

The spoken word artist doesn’t just lament the utterly ridiculous state of affairs as far as electrical power in Ghana is concerned, but also damns the overdependence on the Akosombo Dam and suggests possible solutions by advocating the taking on and utilisation of alternative power sources.

‘Damn the dam, use the sun//Cover our skins with solar panels//Carry us on the backs of windmills// and let it burn, and let it spin, until we’re all healed’

In view of the fact that the outrage against the power crisis in the country in waning, and Ghanaians are in essence settling for less, it is highly crucial that all artistes (who have got the ears of the people) release such works, to prod us, to make us enraged, to remind us of the real state of affairs lest we cease to express our resentment and continue to wallow in mediocrity.

Constant and reliable electricity supply in our country is very necessary; it’s our basic right. Don’t leave it to God, let’s fight for it.

By: Moshood Balogun.