The long overdue album – which has been anticipated since how long ago ? – by Skillions Records CEO, Jayso drops today.

‘The album’-  the initial name, now takes its title from a single off the upcoming album – ‘Making Tasha Proud’.

The album cover features a 1993 photo of a 10 year old Jayso in Winterthur, Switzerland, sitting in the midst of friends who were all, unlike him , white.

As one is likely to think on first sight, the cover basically portrays uniqueness . According to Jayso, ‘the cover has the following meaning : Standing out, Being different, Destined for greatness (crown on my head) and Growth.

‘Making Tasha Proud’ could be said to be the product of a decision taken long ago by Jayso – ‘to make music for the few people who would hear [his] music, feel inspired by it and become a part of [his] core fan-base’ .

We can all, in turn, make Jayso proud by getting a copy/copies of the album when it drops.