Akan: Helebaba ft Worlasi

Dir: Ghalileo

Before I start, I just want to say that Ghalileo deserves a standing o – he has proven himself to have an eye and a flare for the artistic, be it abstract. What I love most is that his sets and stories are believable, light skin girls (not hating) and champagne bottles are no where in sight! In the first 10secs I know i’m going to love this video.

Akan (who’s on the top half of my top ten current Ghanaian rappers list btw) has risen through the GH Hiphop scene, and is starting to get the recognition that he deserves. His mastery of the most popular dialect in Ghana is incredible, which I guess is also a relief, giving his rap name. 

I’d like to think this is calculated but maybe not; Akan has been very selective (rightly so!) with who he partners with, whether it is a feature or visual direction, he has done well to seek out the likes of lyrical wizard Worlasi or engage the creative eye of Ghalileo.

Although I don’t understand Worlasi’s Ewe, I know ‘Helebaba’ is a signifier of spiritualism –  whether this is in relation to the Christian act of speaking in tongues or the more native practice of chanting to communicate with the gods; the video does well to blur all associations to a particular practice or demographic.

I like the simple concepts of the video – all scenes shot in three locations; predominantly in an uncompleted or derelict building and as the video is mostly performance sequences, it is made exciting by the fast paced editing and interesting camera angles. Bravo guys, very nicely done, and didn’t break the bank! 

Aware this review is late, but I am always on the look out for what Akan will do next, whether its a single, an album, visuals or a performance; he doesn’t disappoint – so far…

Its a 4.5 for me

Review by yoyo tinz member Hephzie

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