Lyrical Wanzam: 32

Dir: Fullish Art

32, produced by DJ Juls was initially released last year but the video premiered a couple of weeks ago. The video was directed by Selormjay of Fullish Art, whose focus was to bring the street vibe back into Hiphop. By the way, if the name sounds familiar, Selormjay is the brain behind yoyotinz… Well half the brain.. 😉

Selormjay said ‘I wanted to present the elements of hiphop and also bring that street hiphop vibe from back in the day, that’s why I put him in the vintage scenery of Adabraka’.

Looking back at Wanzam and Fullish Art’s body of work, they are both interested in representing a side of Ghana that is real to them, not the over polished fantasy most rappers want to portray – thus this collaboration was a no brainier.

The video starts with Wanzam staring into a handheld camera, a second camera then reveals him on a bicycle riding through the streets of Adabraka. The director then sets the scene with a series of meduim shot performance clips with Wanzam in the foreground of uncompleted buildings and rubble. The cinematography is beautiful yet grimy, solidifying what hip hop truly is.
Throughout the video the director weaves through imagery that is synonymous to Hiphop, the breakdancing/crumping, graffiti and the obligatory fly girl add to the songs narrative. For those who don’t know, Break dancing was a style of dancing that grew up around hip hop music during it’s early stages of development in the United States. What I like most about the shots of the girl was the non-sexualised way it was shot, she wasn’t twerking of suggestively dancing around the artiste, instead her beauty was captured with subtle shots of her beads (wrist and ankle) and quirky style. The video is cleverly edited picking specific words out of the lyrics and illustrating it in the video, for example the shot of the turkey and Wanlov in the ECG hard hat. The video then ends where it started, with Wanzam on a bicycle.

This video and song is truly hip hop! More of this please 🙂

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

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