Worlasi – Too Naughty

Dir: Worlasi

I mean, there are a few artists that I know are going to nail it every time I hear visuals will be released soon. And Worlasi is one of the few, so when I got the text from my editor and his management giving me a heads up, I just knew it would be something! I’m not disappointed.

I was intrigued as to why this was the first song from the Nusê album to get the visual treatment, so I went straight to the source; “there isn’t any particular order as in which one has to come first, its just the mildness of that song, and its quite sensitive, touching and calm, that’s why I wanted it to go first…the main reason why I wanted to work on it first was because it was one of the simplest but touching videos – it was just a feeling.”

 The entire video is graded black and white – it starts with a contemporary dancer in a dark room, lit with a single spotlight, out of the dark emerges a male dancer, and they engage in a beautiful pas de deux. We then see a very sensitive side to Worlasi, a side we don’t see often – he seems to be reflective as he performs the song – cue dulcet tones. I ask him why he chose to go with this soft approach, and he said; “it was to match the tone of the song, I just felt like it was perfect for the song. Its soft, soothing and that’s the main reason why I actually did that. It is what I imagined when I was writing the song – a dark room, something magnificent happening in the middle of the room, under a spotlight. As time went on, I thought it should be dance – yea, it matches the tone of the song perfectly.

 The video is littered with close up, tracking and drone shots of the dancers and Worlasi, with fade in and out transitions to tell the story seamlessly. He reveals to me that although the creative and direction was all him, the video was a collaborative effort – the props were provided by Stephania Manfreda, of the Elle Lokko Concept Store, the camera work was by Idris Solomon, Kobby and Kwaku Darko. The truly stunning and mesmerising choreography was by Elizabeth Sutherland. It is clear that Worlasi is truly passionate about his craft and that comes across loud and clear, whether it’s his live performances, production and videos and he made sure to stress this to me.

 “Visuals are very important to me, like they’re everything to me – that’s why it takes so long for me to do a video because I need to make sure it’s exactly what I’m imagining or else it’s not coming out at all… if I can’t afford it, I’m not doing it. I feel like right now, visuals should be everything to me, I don’t want it to be in the hands of anyone anymore. It should be directed by me, and if not by me, the idea should come from me and probably polished by someone else.” 

Before I wrapped up the Spanish Inquisition, I asked the question I know are on the minds of Worlasi’s fans or ‘Worlarmy’ – the much talked about secret project with M.anifest, which he did not confirm or deny, however he did confirm that an album should be expected this year. In the meantime Worlasi will be releasing a new single shortly, which will feature Poetra Asantewa (my real life goals), produced by Kuvie.

This video is truly a work of art, simple and clean – isn’t that the definition of class? 

A five star from me! 

Review by Yoyotinz member Hephzie

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