M.anifest: Cupid’s Broken Bow ft Nomisupasta

Dir: Guto Bussab & Alfonzo Franke

Recently (seemingly) infamous for his ‘philosophical differences’ with Sarkodie, M.anifest finally dropped his much anticipated album No Where Cool last week with dope visuals to match for his Cupid’s Broken Bow single featuring South African neo-soul singer Nomsa Mazwai aka Nomisupasta.

Looking at the video and listening to the album, it is very clear that M.anifest has worked very hard on this project in particular, and if I dare say, more than he’s done on previous albums/records. This project is visually and lyrically, a classic.

Throughout the video, with rich dark and gold tones, both in costume and grading/lighting, M.anifest stands out – seeming to belong to a different time. The video opens with shots of Nomisupasta with black and gold accents and make up, setting the theme for the rest of the video. We then see a close up of M.anifest’s cowry-laden beard, as he fills the screen, walking into another close up, medium and then a long shot of him on top of a car, for a series of performance sequences.

The shots that follow are interspersed with performance sequences with a night life backdrop (shout out to Khadi). Two stand out scenes for me, aside from the drone shot (I LOVE a drone shot) are at 0:56 – 1:00 and 1:06 – 1:013. The first, essentially the same set and ‘actors’/couple, yet showing different sides – one willing, the other, walking away. The later, because it reminds me of that scene in Kendrick Lamar’s Backseat Freestyle.

I love this video, so beautifully shot, and very easy on the eye, plus M.anifest makes me want to overhaul my wardrobe. 5 stars from me!

By Hephzibah