I googled something today. Creativity. People – artistes, mostly – are too often graced with this attribute; so much so that you wonder if the word is being misattributed or whether its meaning is just being undermined. To put it simply, what does it takes for an act to be considered as such? Before you start wondering if am any better, I’m also here to add to the lot. After all we are but music lovers, shaped and moved by the sounds we hear.

The ‘by heart boy’ Medikal’s “Connect” is what has moved me to ramble about creativity. In times past, we’ve been treated to extreme creativity- from Sarkodie’s ‘Items’ to Asem’s ‘Last Fylla,’ among others. Songs that went on to be deservedly, critically acclaimed. This song – ‘Connect’ – particularly goes beyond the creation of something new and creative, and goes on to dive into unbounded depths of uniqueness. It is also delivered with seamless accuracy, almost flawless impersonation and mimicry, and manifests intelligence and the sensitivity of the rapper to the music community.

Medikal took of his ‘creative mimicry’ journey with the 2016 Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the year, EL. Though many may argue that he didn’t fully ‘get’ EL’s usual content, and to some extent, the voice, I think he got the flow right nevertheless. From there, he moved on to Joey B; with whom he slayed both voicing and content. For a second, i actually thought it was Beezy on the track.

The demeanor with which he entered the Omar Sterling mode – right after Sarkodie’s – sold me. I couldn’t help but jump from my chair as I listened, and make gestures in the air. At this point, I had close to no idea that the best part of the song was yet to come. Then came Criss Waddle and Yaa Pono’s parts. With the mimicry of every diction, content, voice, Medikal simply and truly, killed. In fact, he so accurately resembles the rappers he impersonated that you would you think he’s robbed them of their personalities. He rather unfortunately ended the song with my least favourite impersonation- Kofi Kinaata’s.

To pull off such an act so gracefully and get away with it got me going back to listen to the song over and over again. It goes without saying that he totally did justice to the songs’ instrumentation. Creativity as google defines it, is ‘the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.’ So, take a listen to Medikal’s ‘Konnect’ and tell me if does it does not fully embody the definition.

It’s about time it is realized that the creation of art should not be just about having the talent, but alongside that, much work being put into the structuring and creation of unconventional, prolific pieces. Our fellow rappers could take a cue from “Connect” and feed us with something unique.

By : Nii Armah

Photo : From Medikal’s facebook page