yoyo tinz palabre #2: On artists and social responsibility.

In the communiqué that was sent out to invite people to the yoyo tinz palabre on artists and social responsibility, the event promised to be a stimulating one; and after yesterday’s event, it’s
beyond safe to say that the palabre honoured its promise.

This 2nd edition of the yoyo tinz palabre was organised in collaboration with Alliance Francaise Accra, as part of the Accra Hip Hop Week.


‘Do artistes, by default, have social responsibilities to fulfil?’

That was the question for discussion and the evening’s panellists – Kobby Graham, C real & Bright Ackwerh– shared varied and similar perspectives, comments and sentiments on this topic.

It was heartening to see an audience that included a decent number of artists and cultural workers. It was even more heartening to have some of them-shouts to Swaye Kidd, Mantse AryeequayeDelasi– elaborate on certain issues and suggest constructive, creative
solutions to them.

yoyo tinz’s very own Esse moderated the discussion on this evening  that can best be summarized as one of psyches stimulated, of new perspectives shared and gained, of progressive conversations engaged in, brighter possibilities imagined, of pure, human vibely vibes radiated, and, of course, of hip hop.

After all has been said and suggested, perhaps the question is not even whether artistes by default have social responsibilities to fulfill. Neither, perhaps, is the answer a YES! Or a NO!

Perhaps the question is-and the answer lies in- how people-artists and non-artists who’re ‘aware’ are going to, in their own very little ways, contribute to make our societies better places: because this current mess isn’t it. Because, it could-and has to be- so much better.

So, here’s to hoping that the conversation did not end in the exhibition hall at Alliance Francaise; that it goes on during our trotro rides, in our whatsapp group chats, on our twitter and facebook timelines, at our waakye joints, in our workplaces: offices and studios etc, and that we, ultimately, convert these talks into action, like Mantse Aryeequaye very rightfully suggested.

E go be! E for be!

By: Moshood Balogun.

photos by: S_A_imagery